Our aim at Foxfield school is to create a love of learning and promote curiosity through exploring maths in exciting and stimulating ways. As a school we believe that mathematical and numeracy skills are an essential part of the pupils' learning as they provide all pupils with powerful ways of exploring, problem solving, investigating and understanding the world around them. At Foxfield, pupils will experience thinking in applied and abstract ways to enable them to solve problems and develop decision making skills which are integrated through the whole curriculum.

At Foxfield we teach maths and numeracy at a level that is appropriate to the learning styles, needs and motivation of each pupil engaging them in an individualised learning journey for the subject, through all learning situations.  This might involve discrete daily numeracy lessons or be part of a cross curricular, thematic approach to teaching or through practical skills both in and outside of school. Our bespoke and personalised approach for our pupils helps them to develop a skills-based approach which they can utilise in the real world.