Creative Arts

At Foxfield, we recognise the importance that creative arts have in the life of all pupils. Creativity is embedded into all aspects of the curriculum, enhancing and widening the pupil’s experiences and engagement for learning. Through our Creative Faculty curriculum we aim to give all pupils the opportunity to engage in creative activities that give a wide range of creative opportunities that will produce well rounded individuals. This approach is intended to promote an adventurous and enquiring learning environment, where students can grow and reach their full creative potential. By fostering creativity students can become confident in developing their own ideas and therefore create personal and imaginative work. Our thematic and holistic curriculum is designed to allow pupils to nurture skills and develop their knowledge & understanding of creativity. This promotes pupils developing confidence, by allowing students to make considered decisions throughout their work in all creative forms. We urge students that are progressing to take an investigative approach so that they understand methods and processes, within their own work and that of others. Our topics encourage the refinement of ideas, so that learners understand how to reflect and develop their creative thinking. By encouraging students to explore personal expression, they are able to communicate their feelings, thoughts and emotions in creative areas of the curriculum. As well as a lifelong enjoyment of the arts our aim is also to prepare our students that may want to follow a future in the creative sector, by raising awareness of progression routes, possible careers and ways to continue following a creative path.


Key to the creative curriculum is allowing students to celebrate their successes so that our students benefit from a real sense of achievement. This will in turn, lead to improved efforts and the desire to extend their abilities and make further progress. In doing this Foxfield students will become independent and self-motivated, and able to take risks to fulfil their curiosity. As a group they will be appreciative of others, passionate about the arts and ambitious about what they can achieve.