Foxfield school aims to equip all pupils with the skills they need to participate in a rapidly evolving world, ensuring that they are safe at every stage. We want to develop learners who are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology. They will develop a strong understanding of new as well as unfamiliar technologies and have repeated practical experience of writing and using computer programs in order to solve real problems.

At Foxfield, a wide range of technologies are used throughout the school and play an invaluable part in the education of all students. There is a Smartboard in all classrooms that allows all pupils to access lessons via resources shown on an interactive computer screen. ICT is used in the majority of subjects to engage and motivate pupils and allow them access to a wide range of environments. To ensure that all pupils have equal access to ICT, adapted versions of keyboards, screens and pointing devices are available.   For those pupils for whom these input methods are inappropriate, the school uses simple switches to enable access to the computer and control on screen actions when using sensory software programs. Teaching staff also use portable technology in classrooms; these include iPads, image and audio recording devices and programmable devices.

At Foxfield school we are also constantly seeking to ensure that our students are digitally literate and aware of the risks that technology and online communication may present. In a world where technology plays an increasing part in more and more of our daily activities it is imperative that students leave Foxfield School with the knowledge of how to use such technologies appropriately and safely.