At Foxfield School our vision and aim is to ensure a high quality of vocational and careers education for young people with special educational needs, to be delivered in a meaningful and appropriate way for their needs and circumstances. Supporting pupils to understand and be motivated to join the world of work, through successfully engaging with our community to build capacity with local employers to support people with SEND into employment.

Our vision is to increase the opportunities for our students to be supported to find quality, paid employment in later life

Through person centred planning with the Education, Health & Care plans at the centre, we support students to articulate their aspirations for adult life, including for many their aspiration to work.

As a school our key principles underpin the school's approach to developing employability skills in our students so that they can look forward with confidence. To achieve this we 

  • Have created a careers personalised based programme, which provides information and experiences to help our young people to help support personalised career plan.

  • Provide impartial career guidance/advice and employability education to support young people in understanding the career landscape through Kath Magnall. 

  • Provide our learners with access to work placements, industry professionals, vocational training courses, specialist workshops, careers events and work experience.

  • Support students to identify their skills, interests and talents. Including CV writing, interview techniques and applications

  • Provide opportunities for our pupils to complete work related Learning opportunities offering meaningful vocational experience on site.

  • Support offsite work experience at a variety of pupil centred placements in local schools, businesses and charities. 

  • Offer a variety of local and school based social enterprise projects to improve our school community

  • Opportunity for school to link with Claremount to offer pupils internships were appropriate 

  • Create personalised work CV through evidence of learning (showing examples of pupils developing work related skills)