Language and communication skills are essential for all our pupils at Foxfield school and we recognise that the skills developed in English promote learning across the curriculum. We aim for our pupils to be able to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, and to communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally with others in a range of social situations, appropriate to their levels and needs. 

In Foxfield school we surround our pupils with total communication ensuring the right combination of communication methods for each person drawing on their interests and motivations. This approach helps an individual to form connections, ensures successful interactions and supports information exchanges and conversations. As a school we work closely with parents and speech and language to ensure we personalise our pupils' literacy targets to develop their functional skills in communication, reading and writing. Literacy transcends all aspects of our curriculum through cross-curricular themes tailored to meeting the individual learning styles of our pupils. Phonics also forms an important part of the literacy curriculum. At Foxfield school we use Essential Letters and Sounds to support the teaching of reading across the curriculum. Where appropriate pupils have discrete reading sessions and their progress is monitored to ensure sessions are relevant.