Homework Policy

Foxfield promotes active partnership between pupils, parents or carers and school. An important part of this involves continuing and extending the work at school into the home environment through the use of homework. This policy outlines the aims and arrangements for providing homework to pupils at Foxfield School.

The purpose of homework

At Foxfield School we believe that homework should:

  • develop an effective partnership between the school and parents / carers in pursuing the aims of the school.
  • sustain the involvement of parents and carers in the management of pupils’ learning and keeping them informed about the work pupils are doing.
  • encourage pupils to develop and generalise the skills, confidence and motivation needed to work as independently as possible.
  • consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding developed at school.
  • extend school learning, for example through additional reading practice. 
  • be relevant to the educational needs of the individual. 

Provision of homework

All pupils at Foxfield School are provided with homework through the sharing of Individual Educational Plans with parents. Every parent or carer is given a copy of the child’s I.E.P. and a parent’s comments sheet in which they are asked, amongst other things, if they can support this work at home. Unless particular problems are drawn to the attention of the staff at school, we expect parents and carers to reinforce the work started at school by also working with their son or daughter on these targets at home. This is applicable to the wide range of targets contained within I.E.P.s, that can be focussed on self help, independence, social or physical skills as well as more academic skills. 

Where parents request support or advice about how they can continue the school’s work with their child this will be provided. Parents are also encouraged to keep the school regularly informed about activities they have undertaken with their son or daughter, and any progress they have noticed in their child’s work towards their individual targets. This can be done through the Home / school links systems that operate, for example chat books, weekly overviews, parent’s evenings, Annual review meetings etc.

Additional Homework activities

For some pupils additional homework tasks may be appropriate to enable them to work towards achieving their I.E.P. targets at home as well as in school.

The provision of these additional activities will depend on the needs of individual pupils, and will be provided in consultation with their parents.

Activities may be sent home by the teachers for completion by the pupil at home. These may include tasks such as reading practice, completion of a work sheet etc.