Consulting Parents and Carers

Consulting parents and carers
Members of staff at Foxfield School do their best to engage effectively with parents carers, health professionals and other agencies to support and develop pupils’ achievement, behaviour and broader development. A strong emphasis is placed upon building and maintaining partnerships to ensure that the education, care, guidance and support given to each pupil is effective.

The school maintains comprehensive engagement with parents and carers through a wide variety of means including:
  • Home school link books- These pass between home and school on a daily basis and are a valuable tool to maintain an ongoing communication between staff and parents or carers

  • Parents and carers are asked to contribute to Annual Reviews and Transition Planning, both in writing and by attending meetings and being involved in the discussions

  • Regular and ongoing contact with parents and carers by classroom staff, the school nurses, other Health professionals in school and the Connexions PA on site.

In addition a whole school survey of parents’ and carers’ views of the school is undertaken bi-annually. Other focussed surveys are carried out when required or helpful and have previously included those investigating transport and travel issues, the use of computers at home, school holiday provision and the development of the Parents’ Support Group. The findings of parents and carers’ surveys are shared with them including the identification of any key issues that may have emerged.

The questions within our Parents and Carers Surveys are very similar to those asked by Ofsted during school inspections. You can find a copy of the questions and results of the 2014 Foxfield School Parent and Carers Survey under info.

A questionnaire like this was normally sent to all parents and carers by Ofsted Inspectors when they were carrying out a school inspection. Ofsted have now produced an online system for parents and carers to inform them of their views on their child’s school at any time. This is called Parent View.

There is a link to this part of the Ofsted website under, Community, Useful Links.

Martin McKenna