Work Related Learning


Careers and work-related education in the curriculum provides contexts, resources and opportunities for:

  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

  • Personal and social development

  • Health education

  • Citizenship

  • Skills for life

  • Academic and vocational learning

At Foxfield Careers is taught as a discrete subject in KS3 within the PSHCE curriculum. Pupils identify their personal skills and qualities and begin to link these to job-specific skills.  They look at the world of work within the local community and begin to use appropriate vocabulary to describe this.  They recognise local retail outlets and the services they provide.  They begin to understand the necessity for health and safety within the workplace and are encouraged to learn relevant signage within their centre and further afield in the local community.

At KS4, pupils begin to explore future work-related opportunities. They take part in an enterprise week of study in which they plan, produce and sell items for profit.  They begin to look at their transition from school to college and discuss options open to them on leaving school. They visit local events about careers and work related opportunities relevant to them.   Each pupil is encouraged to discuss their own wishes for the future and to identify the support available to them.  They follow an award scheme which looks at the world of work and is preparatory work for future related qualifications in Post 16.

In Post 16 all students are given the opportunity to experience an actual work placement. Many students spend one day a week for half the year at a work experience placement which can include work at a local nursery school, primary school, supermarket, restaurant or as a gardener in a local park.  Other students have opportunities to do horticultural work in the sensory garden at school.  Emphasis is placed on this work experience reflecting a true sense of what life is like in the real world.  All students undertake some qualification in a work-related subject.  These include both Personal Progress and Personal and Social Development units of study.  These units cover areas such as Health and Safety in the workplace, working with others and following instructions.  Students undertake mock interviews and prepare a C.V.  Transition meetings are held and plans for the future are confirmed.