PSHE and Citizenship is an integral part of the school ethos and is not only delivered as a discreet subject but also as a cross curricular subject. The subjects encourage all pupils to experience a wide and broad modular programme of study which enables them to develop their social, moral, spiritual and emotional well being.

The PSHE Curriculum has been devised from the four attainment targets outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study.

Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle

Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people

Preparing to play an active role as a citizen

The National Curriculum suggests that:

During key stage 3 pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals and as members of their communities with more maturity, independence and power.

During key stage 4 pupils use the knowledge, skills and understanding that they have gained in earlier key stages and their own experience to take new and more adult roles in school and the wider community. They develop the self-awareness and confidence needed for adult life, further learning and work.

In addition to this all pupils whilst at Foxfield school are encouraged to develop their understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs. This includes pupils knowledge and understanding of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, coping with changing relationships and understanding their own opinions and attitudes when making decisions.


To provide a community spirit which offers the pupils opportunities for positive success, individual rights and entitlements?


To prepare pupils for work and leisure and to develop pupils independence in the home and in the community.


To encourage and involve parents and carers in the education of their child, and in the school as a whole.


To develop links with the wider community.