Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills


At Foxfield, great emphasis is placed on developing the skills required to lead as independent a life as possible and this is reflected within the timetable. All pupils receive at least ½ a day per week dedicated to developing these vital skills.

Independent Living Skills (ILS) is split into three main areas; Personal Care, Community and Daily Living Skills.

Personal Care

Personal care is split into 5 smaller areas:

  • Dressing and undressing skills  
  • Personal Hygiene              
  • Toileting
  • Personal Style                            
  • Eating and Drinking

The aims of our Personal care lessons are:-

To develop good personal hygiene practices.

To develop the skills necessary to enable independent dressing, toileting, eating and drinking.


Community is further split into:

  • Leisure
  • Shopping and money
  • Eating and Drinking

The aims of Community lessons are:

To enable pupils to lead a full and active role within the community.

To develop the skills necessary for travelling, shopping and using other community facilities

To realise and enforce good safety procedures

Travel and Road Safety

Daily Living Skills

Daily living skills is split into the following three areas:

  • Safety in the home
  • Food preparation
  • Domestic Skills

The aim of our Daily living sessions are:

To develop food preparation skills

To develop good food hygiene and safety practices.

To develop the skills necessary for caring for ones home.