Design Technology

Design and technology at Foxfield allows pupils to explore practical learning experiences and develop as individuals by understanding and contributing to their environment. The designing, making and evaluation of real products can develop a pupil’s sense of self-esteem by allowing them to achieve quality results to design problems.

Pupils are set particular design problems and, working through the design process, produce a solution, which is then evaluated.
  • The teaching Design and technology involves four aspects

  • Exploring and clarifying the task or design problem

  • Generating, developing and communicating ideas

  • Testing, evaluating and modifying the ideas

  • Planning and making

As part of the design process, pupils will look at existing products, discussing examining and evaluating them to enable them to make informed decisions about their ideas. It also allows the pupil to gain new experiences and approach items, which they may be familiar with, in a new way. Through the designing and making process, pupils will have the opportunity to develop their creativity and use technology, including ICT, to produce personal responses to particular design problems.

Design Technology at Foxfield allows pupils to explore products and their environment in a safe and supportive manner that ensures their experience is a positive one, which promotes independence and empowers them to make decisions and develop confidence.