D of E

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh club is run by Kim Rivers and Jill Cox. 

Students start at Bronze level and progress through Silver to Gold.

At each level students participate in four sections.

Students will have two camping expeditions at each level. One will be the practice camp and the other the assessment.

During these camps they will learn all about...map reading, orienteering, first aid, cooking over an open fire, camp craft and all about the Countryside Code.

Students will work within other classes in school with students younger and less able than themselves.

Recently students have attended " Awesome Walls" in Liverpool to learn climbing skills.

Students have participated in "Active Playgrounds" where they arrange and supervise playground sports at lunch and break times.

 To date 6 students have completed Silver level and 1 Bronze.

A new taster session will be arranged for Spring 2015 and will be followed by the start of a new group for Bronze level.

Further details can be found under parents heading, clubs.