Autism Fair

Autism Support Fair
In June 2018 Foxfield School hosted its first ever Autism Support Fair and continues to host the fair every year with great success. Foxfield's Autism Support Fair brings together and promotes the many different services available to support autism on the Wirral. This included Autism Together, MENCAP, Shining Stars Sensory Services (Kas Lal), Therapy Dogs Nationwide, The Hive, Wirral mind, happy times activties, Merseyside Autistic Children's Society (MACS), Multi Sensory World and Wirral CAMHS.  This is a fantastic opportunity to share expertise and knowledge in workshops that were held throughout the day:

Gavin Attwood: Sensory processing disorder- How children with autism can present sensory processing issues

Multi Sensory World: Sensory diets in the home - How the implementation of sensory diets can support children with autism and troublesome behaviours

Wirral CAMHS: Mental health in young people with autism

Rachel Smyton: MAKATON for beginners - How MAKATON can support communication

Andy McAteer: Autism and the use of supports - How using supports can help children with autism


The Autism Fair was a great success and was well attended. This would not have been possible without the support of the many participants and by Foxfield staff who provided information about ASC at Foxfield and the work done in SCERTS classes as well as providing refreshments, and selling cakes.