Assessment at Foxfield School

“Assessment is at the heart of an effective curriculum and is a fundamental part of good teaching and learning. It enables learners to recognise achievement and make progress, and teachers to shape and adapt their teaching to individual needs and aspirations.”

 (From Progression Guidance 2011)


Assessments at Foxfield aim to be recorded in a way that is meaningful and useful to the teacher and the pupil, and easily facilitates feedback to parents, other teachers and pupils.

At Foxfield School we use a number of assessment tools to assess record and report on our pupil’s progress.

The ‘P’ scales are a set of indicators for recording the achievements of pupils with Special Educational Needs working towards level one in the national curriculum programmes of study.

PIVATS is an extended version of P Scales. As such, it replaces the P scales for English, Maths, Science, ICT and PSD. Each of the level descriptions expressed as P1(i) to P8 and 1C to 4 has been differentiated into five sub levels to lead to the P Scale milestone and national curriculum level.

The data shown below shows the average PIVATS steps made.