Award Scheme and Accreditation Network (ASDAN)


Foundation Learning

Personal Progress

ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.

Developed and managed by practitioners, ASDAN grew out of research work at the University of the West of England in the 1980s and was formally established as an educational charity in 1991.

What is it?

The Entry 1 qualifications in Personal Progress are approved qualifications, eligible for use in Foundation Learning provision. They are made up of units which can be broadly divided into the following areas: Literacy/Numeracy/IT; Independent Living Skills; Personal Development; Community Participation; Preparation for Work; Units Particularly Accessible for Learners with PMLD.

Who is it for?
The qualifications have been developed for learners working between P Levels 1-8 and Entry 1 to have their achievements recognised within a qualification framework. They can be undertaken in schools, colleges, residential centres, training providers and independent provision.

Facts and figures

The performance points identified below allow for comparability with other qualifications at that level.

  • The Award in Personal Progress is worth 5 performance points
  • The Certificate in Personal Progress is worth 10 performance points
  • The Diploma in Personal Progress is worth 40 performance points


Personal and Social Development (PSD)

What is it?

The Personal and Social Development (PSD) qualifications offer imaginative ways of supporting young people in:

  • Becoming confident individuals who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy
  • Being responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society and embrace change
  • Managing risk together with their own wellbeing as well as introducing them to new activities and personal challenges.

Who is it for?

PSD at Entry 1, 2 and 3 is used by students aged 14+ and adults in the Foundation Learning stage of their development. PSD Levels 1 & 2 is used by mainstream establishments for students aged 14-19, and also for adults. These qualifications also play a major role in rewarding achievement within the non-formal sector.

Facts and figures

  • Nationally recognised certification
  • Accreditation for existing PSHE and PSD activities
  • Opportunities to include activities both inside and outside of school and in non-formal situations
  • 100% coursework and postal moderation


A copy of past Academic Accreditation Achievement can be found under Info – Assessment